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Patient Streaming Service

GP Access After Hours (GPAAH) has operated a high quality, centralised call centre in the Hunter since 2003. Our call-centre (or Patient Streaming Service as we are now known) can be contacted during the after hours period on 1300 130 147.

Our Patient Streaming Service has several functions, including the co-ordination of after –hours GP care for more than 240 GPs, the allocation of limited GP appointments in our 5 clinics and a central role in sorting out which patients need to be seen by a doctor and when and where the best place to do this e.g. after-hours practice, home-visit or Emergency Department. Our call centre is located locally, with a local staff of specially trained and experienced registered nurses and medical receptionists.

It is highly probable if you live in the Lower Hunter that your own GP is part of our service and in the after hours period will instruct callers to their practice to call the GPAAH, Patient Streaming Service.
Although our service is free to use (except the cost of a local call), ask your GP if he is part of GPAAH and if not what their after hours arrangements are.
Since the introduction of Healthdirect, the Federal Government’s National Health Call Centre, the way our service operates for our callers has changed. Callers who now contact our service via our 1300 130 147 number seeking advice for their medical problem will be transferred to Healthdirect for nurse triage and may be returned to GPAAH if a GP related outcome is decided. For callers seeking GP care or local service information, GPAAH will manage your call with our experienced team of local nurses and medical receptionists.
Call Back Feature
Our telephony system has a call-back feature that has proven to be very useful for our callers. This option will automatically register your phone number or allows you to enter your phone number and we will ring you back. Our telephone system is programmed to ring you back around the same time as if you had remained on-hold in the queue. This means you don’t have to sit on the phone when you are looking after a sick child or are just not feeling well.
The Call-Back option can be accessed any time while you are listening to a recorded message. Access the Call-Back option by pressing the * (star key) on your phone, listen carefully and follow the prompts.
The callback option can be accessed from any phone, mobile or fixed line. The system will then read back to you the number you have entered and then asks you to confirm this is correct by pressing the 1 on your phone. It is important to keep the line clear that you have nominated to be contacted on so that our nurse can promptly deal with your problem. Our nurses will try to contact you three times. If unsuccessful after the third attempt staff will assume that you have made alternative health care arrangements. If this is not the case and you have not been contacted back within 45mins of your initial call please call again and wait to speak to a nurse
Call Recording

Please note, all our calls are recorded for quality assurance and training purposes. Accessing call records complies with privacy and related policies.