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Q. Who can use the service?

There are no barriers to anybody wanting to contact the Advice Line on 1300 130 147 for advice.

However, individuals can only be given clinic appointments through this number if they:

  • Live in one of suburbs from the areas covered by the service, and is a patient of a GP who works in the service
  • Do not live in any of the above suburbs but who is a patient of a participating GP
  • Visitors staying with residents of the listed suburbs Overseas visitors (a fee may apply)

Q. What does the service cost?

We bulk bill, however, there may be out-of-pocket expenses for some pathology tests.

Overseas visitors/students and tourists will be charged at the private rate + the cost of x-ray and pathology.

The employer of a person with a work related injury will be invoiced for the applicable workers compensation fee.

The cost of ambulance transfer from one of our clinics to an Emergency Department or other health facility is at the expense of the person being transferred. Please note if you are a pensioner, health card holder or have private health insurance you will not have any out of pocket expenses. If you are not in one of these categories we recommend you consider ambulance only cover as the cost is minimal and even a short ambulance trip can be expensive.

Q. Does the service provide Home visits?
A. Sometimes, however, only limited care can be provided via a home visit. Home visits are mainly provided to Nursing Homes. Arrangements can be made for a GP to visit you at home if our patient streaming service recommends that this is the best way to manage your problem.

Q. Where are my consultation records kept?
A. All information provided by you is treated as confidential and we only pass on information if you give us permission. All of our clinics have a computer-based patient record system similar to what many GP surgeries use. To read our privacy policy please click here.

Q. What happens if I have no transport?
A. In exceptional circumstances transport can be arranged to take you to the clinic and back home after you see the doctor. It is appreciated if you try family and friends first and we only transport directly to and from the clinic to your home address if transport is arranged by us.